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Average Earnings

$xx.xx per hour

Total Sponsorship

$xx,xxx per apprenticeship

Queen's Career Apprenticeship: Kingston

This innovative program aims to match soon-to-be graduating Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences students with leading local employers to provide a great first work experience. You’ll gain a one-year, full-time, paid, career apprenticeship in beautiful Kingston, Ontario, along with mentorship and networking opportunities to ensure your success long-term.


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Apprenticeship Experiences

Justin Karch

Queen's Arts and Science, 2018


Operations Specialist at Benefits By Design (BBD) 


Justin has since received a promotion to Business Analyst and aspires to become a Certified Project Manager, which he is on track to achieve. 


Justin remains in Kingston where he enjoys close ties with Queen’s, including his friends and professors, the lifestyle of a smaller city, and the lower costs of living relative to many of his friends in larger cities.

On the CCAI Experience

“It has truly been a great platform to start my professional career. Starting your first job after university is such a pivotal moment in a young person’s life. Having support from [CCAI] has made this transition from student life to the workplace seamless.”

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