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Launching careers for new graduates

CCAI solves two critical problems


Enables new graduates to obtain their first skilled job.


Helps mid-sized communities attract and retain talent.

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New graduates struggle at the critical juncture between school and starting a career.

Many remain unemployed or underemployed for months or years post graduation and leave smaller communities looking for opportunities in large centers.

A young, underemployed Canadian will never make up for lost earnings and stunted career growth, will struggle to repay student loans.

Communities are facing growing labour shortages
and increasing competition for talent.

Without a robust workforce, communities struggle to attract and retain the businesses that they need to sustain and grow them.

The CCAI Apprenticeship provides

First full-time career employment upon graduation.

Twelve-month job offer from  participating employers 

Onboarding and training enabled by four months of funding

Focus on
mentorship, job-specific skills and training

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Most graduates have chosen to continue their career with their
hiring employer.

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Featured partners

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Success stories

Justin Karch, Queens Arts & Science, 2018

It has truly been a great platform to start my professional career. Starting your first job after university is such a pivotal moment in a young person’s life. Having support from CCAI has made this transition from student life to the workplace seamless.

Carmen Song, Queens Arts & Science, 2018

I would not be working where I want in public service without this apprenticeship. I have met so many people through [CCAI] that have helped boost my confidence in my abilities and encouraged me to make this bold move.

Donna Gillespie,

Our businesses had such a positive experience during the program’s pilot that even more local companies have approached us to participate in the second cohort. It is clear that the demand for arts and humanities students is growing, and initiatives like this help to connect the talent coming out of Queen’s University with local businesses.

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