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The Canadian Career Apprenticeship Experience

CCAI helps provide new graduates with their first full-time career employment upon graduation. Graduates receive a twelve-month job offer from the participating employer, with four months funded by CCAI. This funding enables onboarding and training with a focus on job-specific skills. 

Academic institutions, economic development organizations and local businesses can partner to match new graduates with career opportunities

CCAI leverages existing infrastructure in Universities and Economic Development organizations for administration. Employers and graduating students commit to one year of employment, with CCAI covering four months wages. 


This dynamic results in high matching rates and effective, low-cost administration.


CCAI's proven apprenticeship model


  • Economic development groups and post-secondary institutions create a pipeline of apprenticeships and new grads


Apply and Interview
  • Jobs are posted on partner portal, students apply for opportunities.

  • Employers interview selected interested candidates


  • Graduates and employers rank their preferred candidates

  • Post-secondary institution performs a match


  • Employer extends a 12-month job offer

  • A local business or industry leader is assigned as Mentor 


  • Onboarding and skills development
    Mentorship and on-the-job experience


  • Ninety percent of apprentices have continued their career with their hiring employer

CCAI makes recent graduates more enticing to employers by reducing the financial risk in bringing on a new entry-level employee and, in turn, provides the graduate with work experience improving their future employability. It is a win-win that we hope local employers will pick up on.

Christine Chapman,
Economic Development Officer for the City of Guelph.

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