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Our mission

CCAI partners with leading universities and local economic development organizations to match new graduates with full-time jobs in local companies through an apprenticeship model. Participating cities retain motivated, competent, and capable university graduates who might otherwise depart for bigger cities in search of work.

Our vision

We imagine a Canada where our youth, upon graduating from University, launch their careers immediately with full time employment - not in unskilled jobs or living in their parents’ basement.


We work towards a Canada in which mid-sized communities across the country are able to attract and retain young talent to continue being the best places in the world to live and work.

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Meet the team


Alan Rottenberg

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Alan is the creator of the 'Apprenticeship for Arts graduates’ concept and the initial funder for CCAI. Alan is committed to the success of young Canadians in launching their careers successfully.


The Canadian Careers Apprenticeship Initiative and William Harris Ventures, where Alan is General Partner, are both dedicated to investing and developing Canadian talent.




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Thomas is a Founding Member of CCAI, having launched its pilot program -  Queen’s Career Apprenticeship: Kingston and Canadian Career Apprenticeship Initiative.  


An accomplished fundraising executive and volunteer, Thomas focuses on advancing important community-based organizations and innovative enterprises. He currently serves as President of Bruyère Foundation

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Julie is an experienced financial and operational leader. She has over 20 years experience in Accounting, Finance, M&A, Integrations, Sales and Services Operations across global high tech companies.


Julie currently serves as Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer of Mercury Filmworks.



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Justine Janssen is an active board member, advisor, and investor in organizations and efforts that build and strengthen community.


Justine specializes in launching and growing new ventures. She has been recognized as one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 and as one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100.


Jesse Rottenberg

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Jesse is a lawyer called to the bar of Ontario in 2016. He graduated with distinction from the University of Saskatchewan College of Law in 2015, following a BA from Carleton University.


Jesse currently serves as counsel for CCAI.

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